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Article by Robin Fuller

Based on a four-part interview with Zachary Weaver in 2019

I’m not sure quite what I was expecting back when I booked my first channeling session with Zachary Weaver, but he definitely defied my expectations. No bearded mystic in a billowy robe. No incense and candles. No pomp and circumstance. Not even a cheesy new age tapestry in the background. Just a clean-cut young man with boyish charm and a ready smile—unfailingly polite,


articulate, down to earth, and easy to talk to. And as I have had the pleasure of getting to know him during our work together, I can honestly say he is one of the most genuine and heart-centered people I’ve ever met. In retrospect, this should come as no surprise, given the unconditional love that expresses through him on a daily basis.


At first blush, his story is nothing out of the ordinary. A lifelong resident of Overland Park, Kansas (part of the Kansas City metropolitan area), Zachary lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood with his wife and their cocker spaniel, Neville. He is blessed to be part of a close-knit community of family and lifelong friends. He enjoys writing, cooking, gardening, board games, playwriting, acting, and directing for community theater and indie films. And perhaps that might have been the gist of it … but life had other plans for Zachary. On January 30, 2017, after just one week of practicing a basic self-inquiry exercise, he spontaneously began channeling an energy that collectively identify themselves as Matthias. His ongoing relationship with this energy, and the uniquely creative capacity of this energy to help others, would change the course of his life.


In this line of work, even the basics can get a little complicated. When I ask Zachary what exactly he calls himself, he responds with an amused sigh. “You would think I knew the answer to that,” he says. “It’s still challenging right now.” For the time being, he labels himself an “intuitive inspirational speaker.” “I used to call myself a channel, and I still do sometimes. But I’m even moving away from that word a little bit, just because it means so many different things to so many people. I feel like it’s a little bit of a minefield. It was so much easier to say, ‘I’m a customer service supervisor,’” he laughs.


If identifying as a channel is complicated, conveying exactly what or who one channels can get even trickier. “Matthias is a concentration of universal love energy that expresses through me,” Zachary explains. “They co-create with other people and have conversations with them. I feel like their specialty is feeling good—helping us to feel good, and tying in how that benefits our lives.” This deceptively simple answer only invites more questions, of course, and he admits that the true expert on the matter is not Zachary himself. “They are so much better at describing what they are and talking about all these things than I am. I am always catching up to them.”


The roots of Zachary’s fascinating story stretch back to the sensitivity and support that defined his early years. “I had what I feel like was a really wonderful childhood,” he says. Blessed with two loving parents and a quiet neighborhood to explore with his two younger brothers, he was off to a strong start—though not without its challenges. A natural introvert, he often preferred reading, his imagination, and the company of pets to rough-and-tumble play with other kids. “I was very emotionally sensitive as a child, and I still am,” he tells me, confessing in an endearing aside that when he was very small, his mother would help him rescue specks of dust from his bath before they could get sucked down the drain—because each one felt so special to him. “I look back on how seriously I looked at things as a kid, and I’m like, ‘Wow, that must have been tough!’” he laughs. “So in my life, I feel myself getting lighter and younger as I grow up. That’s the overall trend.”


One notable distinction in Zachary’s background (other than his impressive status as a lifelong vegetarian) is that he was “unschooled,” a style of homeschooling where the curriculum is constructed around the subjects that most appeal to the student. “It was the right thing to do,” he says emphatically, recalling early childhood fears of attending the strict disciplinarian yet bullying-riddled school system he saw represented on TV. “That just changed the entire course of my life! Freedom seems to be something at my core. As I got older, I was grateful again and again for all of the freedom I had felt. It’s like I got to learn about what freedom was.” Though he had occasional doubts growing up about whether he was missing out by not going the traditional academic route, based on what he has gathered about the education system from loved ones, TV, and movies, he observes, “It feels like that wouldn’t really have facilitated the me that I am discovering.”


Spirituality, on the other hand, was a formative force from the start. Zachary was born at home under the care of a midwife, a spiritual friend of the family who was deeply rooted in community and ceremony, and who remained influential in his life long after his birth. While Zachary and his brothers attended church during his childhood, his family did not ultimately keep up the practice, and meanwhile a deeper element was emerging. His mother began following Abraham-Hicks, perhaps the most well-known channeled entity of our time, thus introducing Zachary to the concept of channeling. Likewise, a tutor taught him the power of the mind and visualization through guided meditations—a practice that eventually led him to have to a full out-of-body experience as a mere teenager.


Yet the event that most stands out for him in those early years—perhaps a sign of things to come—was an experience he had at a weekend meditation retreat, when he was only twelve or thirteen. After a group ceremony, during which the facilitator had activated his crown chakra with light, Zachary was walking in the forest when he suddenly realized he was not alone. Though he could not physically see anything, he could definitely sense it. “This tall, sort of angelic being offered out their hand,” he says, “and I took it and held onto it for a while, in the woods. I just remember feeling that warmth, or peace, really magical. I think I cried a little bit. I’d never had any experiences like that. It was just a really cool, transformative weekend for me, in terms of seeing and feeling what was possible.”


Eventually, energy work also became part of Zachary’s spiritual practice, courtesy of a talented family friend and healer. It was during one such healing session that he was struck with the idea to try something new, inspired by the wisdom of a popular channeled entity known as Bashar. Unbeknownst to him, this simple personal practice was about to rewrite the unfolding story of his life.


“I would sit down, and I would record myself asking a question,” he explains. “I would pretend as I was asking the question that I was asking an expert—but that the expert was me, sometime in the future, when I had already solved this and had the answer. Then I would stand up and play back the question I had just recorded, pretending I was this person in the future and I was giving myself the answer.” In retrospect, he feels this was likely the key that opened him up to receiving guidance from a higher source. “Really, I did kind of view myself as two people there—as if I were time traveling or something. I think that was helpful, to really feel like there was a distinction in perspective.


“I decided I wasn’t going to worry much about the answer as I was giving it,” he continues, “I would just listen back to it and see if it was helpful.” The payoff was immediate. “It was just awesome! It was so satisfying in some way. I remember getting helpful things out of it, really good ideas, even practical ideas. I was like, ‘This is so cool! I could ask myself about anything!’ And I did,” he adds with a laugh.


Zachary continued this practice for about a week, to the point where recording his responses was no longer necessary; to his delight, his higher wisdom was always accessible. And as he paced beneath a skylight in his home one bright winter morning, seeking answers from this wisdom, something far greater revealed itself.


“I asked the question, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is a really good answer!’ ” he says. “And then, it felt like mid-sentence, this energy came down. I didn’t see anything, but I felt like this energy came down through my head, through my body. I felt lit up, just buzzing with energy. It felt so good!”


The shift was immediate and dramatic. “My voice changed; it felt like it was just a booming voice. It started moving my arms and hands, and immediately started saying ‘we,’ and giving me what felt like a much better, clearer answer,” he recalls. “The other thing that changed was that the words were coming out, and I was listening to them; I was processing them after they came out. This felt like I was bumped a little to the back of my head. So, I was thinking, thinking, thinking—and the speaking was going on independently of that.”


Understandably, his surge of elation quickly shifted to concern. Caught up in the excitement, had he just missed the definitive answer to his question? Where was this coming from? What if he was not able to access it again…?


His fears were immediately met with reassurance—something that would become a hallmark of working with this energy. “They said, ‘We are always with you. We are always connected to you. You can only perceive disconnection from us,’ ” he says. “‘We will show you now. You can go back to your own energy, to yourself, and ask us a question if you want. Then we will speak again and answer it. Whenever you want us to speak, you can just feel the way you're feeling in your body right now, feel our energy, and we’ll start speaking again.’”


It didn’t take long for this miraculous conversation to shift to the obvious topic: who or what was he talking to? “Initially, I didn’t want to be rude. I feel like it’s a pretty rude question to be like, ‘Yeah, but are you real?’ ” He laughs. “And I did feel like, ‘If I’m doubtful, this will be taken away—and this is so amazing that I would rather not be doubtful.’ ” Still, taking care to preface the question with gratitude, Zachary had to ask: “ ‘Are you actually speaking from somewhere else, or are you just a part of my brain that’s tricking me into having this experience?’ ”


The response was simple: “The One is All; the All is One.” Though cryptic, this universal law held the ring of truth for Zachary. “There is no ‘other’ from their perspective. But that’s so bonkers for me. I love it; I can feel that. Can't really think about it,” he admits with a chuckle. “But I just let it be. I said, ‘Whatever this is, I really appreciate this. I am so grateful for the help. And if you’re just a part of my brain, I’m grateful for my brain.’ ” He laughs. “ ‘I’m just grateful that you’re here.’ ”


It was within the hour that he was given a name. “They were stressing again, ‘We don’t see a separation between what you are and what we are. But we feel that it’s helpful for you to have this distinction. You can call us whatever you want, but we’ll give you this name,’” he says. “They gave me the name Matthias, and that name just felt so good all through my body. I just felt, ‘Wow—that is perfect.’ ” Later that day, he was stunned to learn in a Google search that the literal meaning of the name is “gift from God.” “I felt like that was kind of an answer to the question I had asked earlier,” he says. “It was a way for me to see, ‘Okay, they may be a part of my brain, but they seem to be capable of accessing something that I’m not consciously aware of.’ Which should probably have been obvious from the other answers they were giving me, but you know … we like those tricks, I guess.” He chuckles.


Overflowing with excitement, for Zachary, the obvious next step was to share this phenomenon with other people. But how to do so was less obvious. “I remember them saying, ‘Don’t worry about how other people take it. You’re just sharing your excitement.’ They soothed me in such a way that I was like, ‘You know, it’s really no big deal.’ ” He felt secure enough to share what had happened with his soon-to-be wife, his mother, a few friends, and the healer, who enthusiastically suggested he try introducing this energy to others. Thus it was that he held his first session channeling Matthias for other people. “Sharing with these people who were really close to me, really loved me and are supportive of me, that gave me that safe feeling,” he recalls. “It was really fun and amazing. They were all just really excited about it, and I was so excited to have something I could share with people that I felt like was truly and actually helpful. That’s something I had been wanting, to help other people.”


It would seem his wish has been granted. Zachary now dedicates his life to helping people by channeling Matthias in one-on-one and group sessions.


“They are working with you; what they say is your wisdom reflected back to you,” he explains. “They don’t really want to come in and just tell us what to do. They just want us to feel connected to our own wisdom. They’re a tool for discovering that. They’ve referred to themselves sometimes—I think jokingly but seriously—as an ‘in-game help manual.’ In my mind, that’s if you want to play the game that you’re creating your own reality, because that seems to be the thing they stand by pretty clearly. They’ll create with people in any direction that they want to go. So, for people who enjoy free will, and freedom, and feeling that they’re creating their own reality, it’s a really dynamic relationship.”


The results have been transformative, and deeply personal. “I just feel such a difference when they’re talking with each individual person,” he says. “They have a different relationship with each person, so they’re willing to create whatever a person wants to create. Something that they’re in general pretty good at is helping people to get out of their own way on certain subjects. They offer lots of different perspectives, lots of different ways to look at something. Trying new starting places, not just end goals.”


Not surprisingly, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. “When I look over the whole scope of it, the people where I’ve had interactions that I don’t necessarily prefer—that must be less than five percent of all the other experiences I’ve had with other people about Matthias,” he says. “So I am incredibly blessed, and I’m incredibly grateful.”


Of course, allowing oneself to be an open conduit to higher wisdom is not without its challenges—namely, not knowing what you’re going to say until you’ve said it. “There were times, especially earlier on, where I was like, ‘Oh! I’ve heard this question before, so I’ve heard this answer. I bet I know what Matthias is going to say here. Now I’m getting the answers!’ ” He laughs. “Invariably, whenever I thought that, they would give me a completely different answer to what the person asked.”


Every interaction is full of surprises, and that requires serious trust. To date, that trust has never been violated. “That’s probably the biggest thing; I’m more present than I expected one could be,” he says. “I never feel like I’m just a puppet. I never feel controlled. I feel them moving my hands, guiding that, but there’s never a point at which I couldn’t just say, ‘Okay, I’m done, we’re back.’ They never take that control away from me. And I feel like they always say things that I am ultimately comfortable with them sharing. Sometimes I am nervous about that, because it feels like it could be this loose cannon coming out of my mouth,” he says with a chuckle. “They’re not, but I don’t know what they’re going to say!


“They need to be helpful; that has always been my qualifier,” he goes on. “Because people do sometimes see them as an authority on things. I understand that; I do that some too. But I would always—which Matthias talks about—want people to use their own discernment. Extreme example: If Matthias says to jump off a cliff, I don’t want people to jump off a cliff! Matthias may know how to properly mix rocket fuel, but I don’t know how to do that, so I’m not comfortable with them giving people instructions on that!” He laughs.


Of course, the surprise is half the fun. One of the most refreshing things about working with Matthias is their unpredictably quirky playfulness. “I do love their sense of humor,” Zachary says. “I call it their sense of humor, because it’s obviously from me, but they do it in a different way. They bring something else to it. I do think it also comes from the person that they’re talking with, because sometimes they get right into jokes, really playing with someone, but sometimes it’s a much more serious conversation.


“Sometimes I get this feeling that they are making so many jokes that I’m not getting—that they’re just playing the whole time, and I’m not even catching the humor in what they’re talking about,” he continues. “But the ones that I do catch, I love so much, and often those are my favorite parts of a conversation. One of my favorite things that they said one time was that ‘The universe is little but laughter.’ Then, it was funny—a little bit later in the conversation, my wife actually asked the question, ‘You said the universe is little but laughter. What’s the other part?’ And without missing a beat, they said,” he snaps his fingers, “ ‘Catching your breath.’ ” He laughs delightedly. “Like they were waiting for her to ask that question, just to give that punch line!”


If Matthias’s refreshingly positive approach feels good, their energy feels even better. When I ask Zachary to describe his experience of channeling, he explains, “It’s a little bit like a buzzing feeling, kind of a light vibrating feeling. I would say like goose bumps—when you get a good idea or something, and you feel that little rush. It’s like that, just all through my body, playing in different ways. I actually really appreciate other people talking to them, because I get to feel their energy for an extended period of time. In the beginning, it was way more about going through questions, going through problems, getting the answers. And there was a point at which I realized it was being in the energy that was the most valuable thing, more than any information that they were giving. That was really inspiring, and really helping my life to feel better and improve in a lot of ways.”


For Zachary, the results of working personally with Matthias on a regular basis have been nothing short of miraculous. “I’m a more loving person because of Matthias,” he says earnestly. “And on a selfish level, I don’t have the anxiety and depression that I used to have. I don’t have the same level of mood swings. I’ve changed. I’ve learned to take some pressure off myself. I’ve learned to be kinder to myself, and to other people. Lots of people have helped me, in a lot of ways, but Matthias has been more helpful than anything else I could ever identify.


“So many of the things—the negative self-talk, the feeling of never being enough, never being at the level that I wanted to be… Those were things that I used to think,” he says. “And I would always go back and forth. Even though I was always reaching for something, I was like, ‘Maybe that’s life: feeling shitty and having some good moments.’ ” He laughs. “So that’s the biggest change is that, no, life is not that way! I’ve actually been able to experience the feeling of not being behind, but being where I want to be, being satisfied. And of course, really what helps with that is realizing how internal all of those things are. So it’s not like I’ve made huge strides, or achieved huge things. But that makes it even more valuable. It’s not what I’ve done; it’s what I am. That’s what I’m so grateful for.”


And while Zachary’s story is remarkable, he is adamant that what he is not is special. In fact, he encourages us all to try to tap into our own higher universal wisdom. “You don’t have to earn it,” he says. “I ‘earned’ it by being me. Everyone can do this.”

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