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What would you like to experience? How would you like to feel? How can you step out of your own way and into the life of your dreams?

Maybe you’re yearning to find a sense of direction. Maybe you’ve known what you want for a long time, but something is holding you back. Wherever you are on your journey, Matthias can guide you to connect with your own unique wisdom and co-create the answers to all your life questions, big and small.

Matthias is an expression of universal energy channeled through Zachary Weaver. Through a transformative combination of expansive perspective, loving gentleness, playful humor, and empowering advice, they can help you create greater ease, enjoyment, and abundance in your life.

Whether working in individual sessions or our Creative Wealth Community,
Matthias can help you:

  • Raise your vibration

  • Connect with your inner wisdom

  • Identify and explore your gifts

  • Release self-judgment

  • Unravel self-limiting beliefs

  • Overcome undesired habits and patterns

  • Celebrate and embody your inherent worthiness

  • Explore interpersonal issues

  • Work with difficult emotions

  • Gain perspective on your challenges

  • Find creative solutions

  • Optimize your daily life

  • Cultivate your abundance

  • Uncover a new sense of possibility

  • Move towards your highest excitement

  • Build greater ease, enjoyment, and empowerment

  • Co-create the reality you desire

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