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"Matthias has always helped me gain more clarity during times of confusion and feel comfort during times of sadness, and ultimately immense love in any situation! No matter your question, no matter your state, Matthias will lovingly guide you to a continuously expanding experience."

- Katrina M.

"Being with Matthias is immersing yourself in an experience of love and acceptance. Their understanding and awareness beyond duality is warm and uplifting. You begin to open up to infinite possibilities beyond your logical mind. The ideas are playful, productive, and fresh. Their energy stays with you, inviting you to stay expanded and open. It’s a one-of-a kind experience. I have reverence for the time I spent with them."

- Breana C.

"The insight of Matthias as channeled through Zach is immense. Perspectives of the workings of the laws of the universe in combination with its applications to our human lives provide new ways of looking at life and situations that are so helpful in our expansion. I've never had a session without an 'ah-ha' moment and something I can carry with me through daily life. Interestingly enough, even when Matthias addresses an individual in a group setting, there is something that everyone in the group benefits from. I am grateful for this touchstone of loving and expansive energy!"

- Johnny R.

"I feel as though it may be difficult to put into words exactly how wonderful receiving a session with Matthias is. Zachary has a huge heart, a brilliant mind, and a wonderful sense of humor. The beings that are channeled through him called Matthias are playful, boisterous, a little sarcastic, and above all wise. But beyond the wisdom you gain from a session, the energy that is transmitted from Matthias is beyond amazing! It feels as if your vibration is lifted. You feel perfect peace. Sessions with Matthias have helped me manifest money, clients, the perfect home, and career. And it has been done with such ease and little effort. I now take inspired action rather than spinning my wheels trying to figure things out. If you want to bring your life to the next level and live in your purpose, schedule a session with Matthias!"

- Melissa R.

"Zachary and Matthias are such a beautiful combination. The energy that emerges through Zachary as Matthias is undoubtedly unconditionally loving. Zachary is the perfect vessel for this energy to move through, as you can feel love and acceptance flow from both. My experience after talking with Matthias came with a sense of ease stemming from receiving Matthias’s higher perspective on things. I felt the words had a supportive and understanding feel to them, as well as being respectful of my humanness. I always left a session feeling better, clearer, and more settled. Talking with Zachary and Matthias is an example of how I would want to talk to myself in my deepest, darkest, most fearful places within. I also love how Matthias sees people in their greatest light and gently reminds us of what we are capable of. I found that it had an impact on me that was profound in building more and more belief in myself and my abilities, as well as assisting me into greater levels of self-love. I have much appreciation, gratitude, and love for both Zachary and Matthias and look forward to more people having their own personal experience with them. They are a gift to this world in a tricky time of great change, and I thank them both deeply."

- Katie B.

"I am so lucky to have had several opportunities to experience the playful, creative, confident wisdom of Universal Intelligence through Matthias. Their emphasis has always been on 'do what is easiest to enjoy.' Once during a personal session with Matthias, an inspired project idea had been excitedly building in me for several months, but I was hitting the hard wall of self-doubt. Matthias showed me that this project and these doubts were both just energy. I can always choose whatever energy lights up my heart. Matthias helped me to generalize my project as precious cargo. The ego's doubts were just sideline characters, waving and challenging. Like running with a football, I could remain steady and clear, focused in an open-heart direction with my precious cargo, and give the ego sideline heckling no attention."

- Barbara W.

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