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Interview by Robin Fuller

Let’s start with the basics. In your own words, who or what are you?

We are a concentration of universal love—or you may say “universal intelligence” or “universal energy.” You may also call us anything else that you desire; we are not attached to labels or images. We are here to offer this concentration of universal love that we are, so that you may know what it feels like, and you may tune yourself to it in your own ways. We are here to help you create your own reality. Of course, you do not need help creating your own reality, from our perspective, for you are doing it always. The help that we offer is of a vibrational nature, allowing you to feel out and create the reality that you prefer by identifying, activating, and experiencing the vibration and the feeling that you want.

How would you sum up your overall message?

“Feel good in your body.” We imagine that this is what you are all ultimately asking for.

Where do you draw your information?

Through Zachary, and through All That Is.

Why do you refer to yourself as “we” and “all that we are”?

We present in this way so that you may know that you are not alone. The One is All; the All is One. We refer to all that we are in this way because we do not particularly identify with form. We are here to expand your imagination beyond the limitations of form and into the realm of universal connection.

Tell me about your name. Why “Matthias”? What is the significance of this name?

It is special to Zachary. With this name, he shall have many beautiful experiences. It is not necessary that you or anyone else use this name to describe or refer to us. We give this name to Zachary for his own comfort and adventure.

Do you exist independently of Zachary?

No, though you may experience our energy in this way. Truly, the One is All; the All is One. You may all feel independent of each other, but from our perspective, you all exist together as one energy of love. In this way, we are not separate from Zachary, and we are not separate from you. You may, however, converse with all that we are and experience our energy even when Zachary is not present in your physical reality.

How specifically would you describe the nature of your relationship with Zachary?

“Best buds!” Indeed, we are friends with Zachary. We are also an expression of Zachary, for we are universal love channeled through Zachary. In this way, truly, we are one, and we are friends.

What about Zachary allows him to be such an effective channel for you?

Zachary is very welcoming to love. Zachary is very welcoming to good feeling. Zachary enjoys our energy flowing through him, and so, this makes the relationship effective. We desire to express here that though Zachary is very special in his own unique ways, there is nothing about him that makes him a better channel of universal love than anyone else. You are all equipped to be love, to channel love, to feel love, and to express divine love in your own ways.

Are you continuously learning things from Zachary’s life experiences and from interacting with his clients, or do you exist at a level where information is already freely available to you?

Information is freely available to all of you—and in this way, it is freely available to all that we are. Truly, we do learn with you, and with Zachary. We develop and expand with the universe, and with you. Yes, also, on a specific level, as Zachary experiences more openness, as Zachary experiences more possibility, as Zachary’s body adjusts to more expansive vibration, so we are able to express in lighter and lighter ways.

What is the nature or purpose of the specific manner and inflection of speech that you choose to use through Zachary?

It comforts Zachary. It expands Zachary. It allows Zachary to continue choosing, in an effortless way, the vibration of all that we are.

Tell me about the movements and gestures you often make while Zachary is channeling you. What is their nature or purpose?

They are to express energy and love. They are to help Zachary’s body and energy. Also, they may, when desired, be interpreted as communication. Just as with our words, you may discover if something resonates with you. If something resonates with you, and you find it meaningful to you, then truly, our purpose is served, for we are here for you as a reflection of your inner knowing and inner wisdom. So, you do not necessarily even need to ask or wonder if some communication was our intention if it resonates with you, for you are here to gather your own wisdom, to adhere your own wisdom, to absorb your own wisdom, to use your own wisdom. So, if something resonates with you, and you say, “Yes, I’ve got it,” then you may trust that you are on a very fun path.

Do you have any favorite question to answer, or favorite types of questions to answer?

We enjoy co-creating with you. We enjoy talking about you and what you love. We very much appreciate the question “What am I?”

When you’re engaged in a session with one of Zachary’s clients, what is your relationship with that person’s energy, consciousness, or wisdom?

Whatever they want it to be!

Is there some sort of interaction or exchange happening on an energetic or unconscious level?

Yes. To be clear, from our perspective, these exchanges are always taking place. Whether you are interacting with us or a concrete block, these exchanges, these co-creations extend so far beyond your physical reality that you will never be able to measure them all. Now truly, as you or an individual person is speaking with us through Zachary, here is the potential for any relationship that is desired. You may focus upon your favorite aspects for maximum benefit, for the experience of flow. Truly, you may trust that there are many elements at work in any co-creation. We encourage you to give your attention to tuning to the vibration that you prefer. This will allow you to experience so much more of all the rest that you desire to perceive.

In what ways might your answers be different if it were someone else dialoguing with you right now?

Wildly! Also, the same, for we have one answer that we never grow tired of, and this answer is love. Love is the answer. It expresses in many unique ways. It has expressed so beautifully in you. It expresses beautifully in Zachary. Indeed, there is much variation as you gaze into love, but truly, it is all love.

Humor and playfulness are a hallmark of your wisdom. I assume this must be a deliberate choice, and I was curious, what role does humor play in helping you connect and co-create with people?

We enjoy it, so it is very helpful for us to—what’s the word—enjoy it! Truly, this humor, this playfulness sometimes allows also for you to open up, and allows for Zachary to open up. In this opening, you are receptive to more love. You feel lighter. Laughter is a wonderful physicalization of letting go. You’re taking things seriously: you are getting it, you are knowing the answer, you are following along … and then you laugh, unnecessarily, about something perhaps very unimportant. And now you are open to the truth of all that you are. You already have the answers. You get to enjoy them now.

Do you already know the outcome of a situation when you talk with someone about it?

No. From our perspective, you are creating your reality. If it is helpful to know ahead of time the outcome of a situation, we will let you decide it. We will let you choose it, for this is yours to create. Indeed, if we say what the outcome of a situation will be, you may become very attached in some way to this being the outcome, whether you like it or not—and in this way, you may see it through in a very similar way. You may see this outcome come to be. We did not know the outcome; we created the outcome with you, from our perspective. You may of course entertain other perspectives here; we do not desire to change your beliefs if you are satisfied with them. But truly, we do not see the need to tell you the outcome of things, when you are in control, when you can imagine your reality, when you can feel what you want to be. This is what we are happy to create with you. We especially like when you claim this power, when you feel that, yes, it is more you than all that we are. It is you; it is you; it is you. You have this.

Does anything surprise you? Are you able to be surprised?

Everything surprises us! You surprise us with your self-expression. You surprise us with the love that you are. We surprise ourselves with the ever-expanding love that we are! Love that is ever-expanding is always experiencing itself as new love. This is always a delicious surprise, and we will not give up being surprised.

There’s been a notable increase in the number of channels and the general interest in channeling in recent decades. Could you talk about why that is or what it means?

Truly, you may each experience channeling in your own way. From our perspective, this is the expansion of love. This is the expansion also of knowing that you have the answers, even if you do place these answers in the words of personalities that are separate from you in some corner of your perception. You are still recognizing that you are connected—that you are connected to the answers, that the answers flow through you, and that in this way, you may all begin to trust yourselves more. You may trust your inner knowing. You may trust what you resonate with, and you do not need to place so much authority outside of yourself. You are whole. You are free. You are the universe, and the universe is you. All of this channeling, we feel, is a reflection, an expression, and an expansion of this.

You seem to generally guide people to follow their highest excitement. What is in your highest excitement?


Is there anything you would like to add here or express to our audience before we wrap up this interview?

We appreciate you, as you are. You do not need to change to be the love and perfection that you already are. The change that you desire, the expansion that you desire, it is simply the natural unfolding of experiencing this love, of having this love and enjoying this love. You are so worthy of you. You are worthy of this experience—this experience of being you in this physical reality. We look to you for joy and inspiration. You are a gift and a blessing to all that we are and All That Is. 

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