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Build your abundance, share your gifts, enjoy your life!

Free 1-month trial 

Then, set your own monthly price.

True wealth is measured by the number of days that we can enjoy our preferred reality.

What level of income would allow you to live your preferred reality?
Are you currently sharing your gifts with the world in a satisfying way?
How can you experience more enjoyment in your life?

In this intimate online group, capped at 45 members to cultivate greater focus and create a deeper sense of community,
we will explore…

  • Refining your definition of success

  • Optimizing your personal perspectives on wealth

  • Developing strategies for fulfilling your income goals

  • Identifying your talents and passions

  • Sharing your gifts with the world in a way that enriches your life

  • Expanding your income and overall enjoyment

  • Ongoing support for achieving and maintaining abundance and stability 

  • Creating greater abundance at every level of your life

Enjoy the benefits of cultivating your gifts and your prosperity with like-minded people who share your passion and excitement. Together, as our vibrations align, we create tremendous momentum as a collective with a common focus, accelerating individual progress.

Matthias sets the vibrational tone, introducing thought-provoking weekly guidance and daily topics in interactive Zoom calls to inspire personal exploration and group discussion. Unlimited individual sessions with Matthias support your progress throughout, providing an opportunity to fine-tune your focus, shift your perspective into alignment with your goals, and co-create personal strategies for success.

Creative Wealth Community membership includes:

  • Exclusive access to a dedicated forum for sharing ideas, inspiration, progress, challenges, and successes with other members

  • Weekly live address from Matthias with follow-up Q&A, via Zoom, recorded for easy access later

  • Daily Conscious Coworking via Zoom: connect, create, and catch up on all the things you want to make time for

  • Access to all previous video teachings and community discussion

  • Unlimited individual sessions with Matthias

  • Personal links to video recordings of all individual sessions

We are offering a free one-month trial to invite new members to explore our community. There is no commitment; once your trial is complete, we hope that you will continue your journey of abundance with us by setting a monthly price that works for you. (We will have a conversation every three months to see if you want to change your monthly price, but you are free to change it as frequently as you want!)

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