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on life purpose

Interview by Robin Fuller
(Edited transcription below)

I want to start off by asking more generally, do we come into this life endowed with certain skills and predispositions in hopes of achieving a specific life purpose—what you might call a “soul mission” or a “higher calling”? Or is this purely a matter of personal preference in our lives?

We feel that the clearest way to discover the first part is to delve into the second part. We feel that your preferences and desires in life will guide you in the directions that you came in with. And we desire to establish that we see your life purpose as your life. You are your life purpose; your life is your purpose. So you are fulfilling this purpose automatically already. You cannot be anything but this purpose of being you. In this way, you may trust that being you is helpful to all. Even if you feel you have not narrowed down what you are doing to a more specific path, you are already on a very individual and specific path—and this is you.

Indeed, you do come into this life with intentions, with desires, with purpose—let us not necessarily say things that you intend to “achieve,” but things that you intend to experience, to play out. You come in with this purpose. However, you may trust that you have clear guidance on this in your life. Your preferences and what you desire to experience in life will be in alignment with the purpose and intentions you entered this life with. In this way, you do not need to live in such doubt that you are going in the wrong direction. Truly, align with what you feel easily, joyfully, excitedly aligned with—with your highest excitement—and you will feel that you are living your purpose and that you are on your path.


This overrides any purpose you “came in” with. We feel it helpful to operate in this way. You are free in the moment. Sometimes you have a very rigid view of this purpose you may have intended to live out before you entered this life. You say, “All right, I had that purpose, I used to really enjoy that. Now I feel excited about something else—but I can’t give up on that, because that must have been the purpose I came in with!” No, not from our perspective. Indeed, you may follow your highest excitement in the moment, and trust that you are aligning with your purpose. To deny yourself this highest excitement in the moment is really where you start to feel that you are spinning out, that you are not able to align with your purpose, for you are denying yourself the ability to experience it.


So, even if you feel very sure that “No, I signed a contract, I made a deal: I said I was going to come in and move rocks around my entire life. I know that this was my purpose. And now, here I am, halfway through my life—and I decide that I want to plant trees! And I know this is not my life purpose; I know that my purpose was to move rocks…” All right, your purpose was to move rocks—sure, whatever. All the same, trust your excitement now. Your freedom in the moment to pursue this is more important from our perspective than holding to something that you feel you must have agreed to before you came in.


Why do so many of us feel like we’re living without purpose, or not in alignment with our purpose, if it’s simply a matter of being yourself and living to your fullest excitement? How is that we get lost or separated from that?

You are engaged in the fading game of separation and limitation. This game may also be viewed as reconnection, as in this separation and limitation, you are remembering and reconnecting with your knowing that you are one with the All. This game is fading, for more and more, you on your planet are aware that you are always connected, and that connection is your natural state. Connection and love, connection with love, connection as love—this state is your nature, your essence. You are awakening to this. So as you feel that you are living without purpose, know that this is a manifestation of the feeling of separation that is always present here for you to experience. 


You may simply see, “Ah, I am headed in the direction I don’t prefer.” It is not the wrong direction, but you entered into this life to choose this connection and live it out, for this is what you prefer. But we want to be clear here. We know this may feel a little confusing, but you are fulfilling your purpose—even as you feel you are not, even as you are experiencing separation and limitation. We are not saying that you need to sacrifice your joy and happiness in order to experience separation and limitation for the sake of expanding the universe. We are saying simply that we do not see you getting it wrong, the way that you perceive it in this energy of separation and limitation. So now, recognizing that you are free to experience separation or connection, you may begin to choose connection more consciously.


What comes up in this limitation energy and perspective is that you say, “All right, I haven’t picked one thing I am going to be or do.” Of course, from our perspective, as we expressed earlier, you have indeed already done this: You have selected you! You are you; you are this one individual perspective. So this is taken care of. And yet there is also perhaps some satisfaction in choosing this. If this is something that appeals to you—choosing one path, one activity, one career—we encourage you to choose this for the excitement of it. Go ahead! Choose it; experience it. In this way, you may feel more tangibly that you have purpose. Simply keep in mind that you are free to change or expand this. You are free to redefine what your purpose is. So it may be helpful and practical here to choose a purpose—choose something, move in that direction, and then allow this to expand or change.


What allows you to feel so confused is that you say, “All right, I have not found my purpose…” And you just stay in this loop. “Well, this could be my purpose, but I don’t know … and I should really do this…” Of course, you are very conditioned. As you look not only to this limitation, but indeed to your society, which is also frequently influenced by this limitation, you are conditioned to think that you must have a single purpose, a very specific thing. And you are also conditioned to think that this is something you really don’t like that much! Something that you must sacrifice for, something that you must endure, in order to earn some reward at the end. You are conditioned to feel that you must hold to a path that is hard, that is no fun, sacrificing in order to fulfill your purpose, serve your world, and serve your fellow individuals. 

We feel that this, of course, is far removed from the perception of love. This is perhaps what you have been taught to believe is love—this sacrifice, this endurance, this struggle. But we do not look at it in this way. If you are determined to go in this direction, don’t listen to us. We offer that from our perspective, you fulfilling your purpose looks like exactly what you are doing—and you being aware that you are fulfilling your purpose looks like you having a lot of fun, enjoying your life. Enjoying what you are doing. Enjoying everything that you are! Enjoying the energy that you are. Enjoying what you are giving to others, for on this path, you shall inspire others to do the same. 

Is this not what you would give to all the children of the planet? You would desire for these young ones to live in their highest excitement, their greatest joy and happiness. In order to give this to these children, give this to yourself, so that you may reveal in your society that this is beneficial, a gift to all, worthy of experiencing and worthy of pursuit.

To recap here: choose what you are excited about. It may be satisfying for you to feel in your mind that you have selected one direction, one thing that is you. You may also find that this expands more and more throughout your life as you feel that, indeed, you are your purpose. And so you expand this one thing that you have selected more and more in your definitions, to eventually feel that you are synonymous with this purpose. There is nothing more narrow than “you”—and yet we feel that this is a helpful place to start. Choose the purpose that you are excited to experience now. We feel that this will guide you all the way through your life experience.

If you ask a small child what they want to be, they’ll give you a very effusive answer immediately, without having to think about it. There’s that immediate connection with what their joy is. So, what is it that happens in the period following childhood that causes us to contract from that place? Is it the way that we have our education system set up? Is it just a product of being in societal conditioning for a longer period of time? Is it the media? Where is that coming from?

Indeed, you may see that it is coming from these external sources—and this is of course supporting and perpetuating this. But also, we desire always to point to vibration, especially when you are looking for the cause of something. Vibration is the cause, the source.


We feel it helpful to bring this up for many reasons. Not only is it the core of the way we view the universe, but also it may help you to discover the answers to these problems of limitation within. In this way, you may feel more confident in knowing that the transformation of your society and your world will come through individuals waking up to this connection—more specifically, you waking up to this connection. This is the part you may focus on. This is the part you may truly enjoy, for there is no change more powerful than you feeling that you are connected, that you are awakening to this connection. And in this energy, you will discover that your world does not have as much control over you as you may have perceived. We know this may be a challenge, so if this does not resonate with you, leave it behind. You may discover it in your own way—or you may discover something far better. 

When you look to the external cause, frequently you think, “Well, if I could just change that…” Of course, this will change—as you awaken. You will influence and inspire change. But know that it begins at the vibrational level. This is a very satisfying and powerful place to begin. Recognizing that all of these manifestations of limitation in your society have emerged from the vibration of limitation is a powerful viewing model, for it may remind you that the cause is here at this energetic level. Some of you may not feel that this is easy to change, and yet you are working with this source as you work with vibration. So we feel you will find this path clearer and easier than fixing all of the physical manifestations that are essentially part of a fading reality.

In your current society, it is hammered in again and again: you must not listen to what you want; you must listen to the way things are already set up; you must listen to your parents, to authority figures… We remind you here that we are not desiring to pose as an authority figure. You are the authority on you. To continue, you are told to listen, to fall in line, to follow the rules that are already set up. You are told again and again that you cannot trust you—your voice, your intuition, your being. You must find this from others for some reason, because perhaps they have more experience. But we ask, what do they have more experience in? They have more experience in limitation than you do! 

So we say, you may begin to look to your children, to the young beings on your planet. Indeed, they are coming through with great clarity, and you may look to them and their energy as a guide. You may ask yourself, “Is this what I desire to experience more—this childlike wonder and certainty and clarity, this childlike lightness? Then rather than telling these children that they must listen to me, I will feel what they have to share, if it is inspiring to me and helps me to feel more me.”

Also, trust that these children are stronger and clearer than you may think. They have a greater understanding of what is helpful for them than you may think. We know there is lots of distraction, lots of conditioning. But trusting here in their individual power and freedom is helpful, for some if not all of this conditioning comes from good intentions to help your young people live a better life.

If I’m understanding you correctly, a thread that I’m pulling out of this is that it’s not a good use of energy to despise or blame or challenge the old paradigm. That energy could be better applied towards cultivating the new paradigm in oneself and others.


We very much appreciate the way that you express this. We love this. Indeed, we say: yes, yes, yes!

How can we help one another on the path to fulfilling our life purpose? Not just going after our own pursuits, but how can we encourage or best be of service to each other? What role do we play in helping each other fulfill our life purpose?

Primarily, you inspire others to know that it is okay to do what they love—to be the love that they are. This is the greatest gift you can give. Truly, we mean this. 

Of course, there are many ways that this will manifest and play out, many specific ways you can connect with others. Many of you are teachers. Many of you are creating forms upon which others may work their own light. Each of you are here to do this, through what you desire to do and live. We feel that the best way to approach this is to not separate these things. You cannot truly help others on the path to fulfilling and living their purpose, if you do not feel that you are also experiencing this. Give this to yourself, and you will be giving it to all—in one shot. 

We view each of you in your physical reality as “self-centered”; you are centered on you. You have perhaps been taught to view this as a negative thing, but we do not see a way in which you can truly be otherwise. You are centered on you, and as you are self-centered, so you are also naturally of service to others. 

We feel that it is very important to express here that giving to others is not what you frequently view as “sacrifice.” You must give from your wholeness, your center. If you are not, it is all right, but recognize what you are doing. If you are giving from a place of sacrifice, from a place of “I have given up a part of myself in order to be of service to you,” you are giving the energy and the message of sacrifice. 


Now, if this is what you want to see more of in the world, we won’t stop you. But recognize that we do not feel this is what you usually desire for others as you sacrifice yourself. You sacrifice yourself to see others feeling whole, feeling that they are living their purpose. In this way, how can you expect to help them experience this, if they are looking at you and seeing that the way to do it is through sacrifice, through giving up a part of themselves—giving up who they are to serve someone or something else?

In this age of connection, you are reconnecting with your wholeness, your center, yourself, your being. In this way, you are connected to all, and here you will feel the clearest connection to all. You may always ask yourself this question: What would you choose for a child? What would you choose for yourself? If you could choose, what would you choose? Feeling and knowing this, you may transform and inspire all of your reality.

We are grateful to you for engaging with us on this subject. We are grateful for your openness, your lightness, and indeed for your essence of love. 

I’m grateful as always for your clarity and your perspective, and your service to mankind. Thank you so much.

You are welcome! Indeed, we enjoy it through and through. We thank you for this co-creation.

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